This page provides a listing of research topics for students to investigate.


October topics to be presented in class:

Following are the lists of research topics that shall be presented in class on the dates indicated. Each student (or group of students if working as a team) shall create at least one and not more than three graphic illustrations for their topic. These slides may include text, dates, charts, photographs, drawings or other graphics. These shall be submitted to Andrew twenty-four hours prior to your presentation in the form of a .jpg or .pdf which will be projected on screen in class as well as posted to our class website. The names of those who signed up to present each topic follow with (MF) and (TTh) representing students from the Monday-Friday section and the Tuesday-Thursday section.

You can download a .pdf of the information below (dates, subjects, names) by clicking here.


Monday 1 October 2012 / Tuesday 2 October 2012

Beaux Arts Movement — Megan (MF); Sophie (TTh)
1890 – 1900 City Beautiful Movement — Shannon (MF); Sarah H. (TTh)
1893 Chicago World’s Fair — Alex L. (MF); Chris (TTh)
1901 Buffalo NY Expo — Caitlin (MF); Phil (TTh)
1904 St. Louis World’s Fair — Will (MF); Jason, Sarah R. (TTh)
1909 Futurist Manifesto — Melanie (MF); Keaton, Ben (TTh)
1919-33 Bauhaus — Karl (MF); Victoria (TTh)
1922 Le Corbusier’s Ville Contemporaine — Brendon (MF); Dylan, Luisa (TTh)
1925 Le Corbusier’s Plan Voisin — Brendon (MF); Rebecca (TTh)
1926 Fritz Lang’s Metropolis — Maddie (MF); Zach (TTh)
1929 Hugh Ferris’s Metropolis of Tomorrow — Alex N. (MF); Cristina (TTh)
1933 Chicago World’s Fair — Ben (MF); Reuben (TTh)
1939 New York World’s Fair — Mary (MF); Sam, Kim (TTh)
1964 New York World’s Fair — Zach (MF); Christian, Celina (TTh)
1971 Buckminster Fuller’s Old Man River — Victoria (MF); Annette, Helen (TTh)


Thursday 4 October 2012 / Friday 5 October 2012

Robert Moses (planner) — Shannon & Mary (MF); Ben, Cristina (TTh)
Chavez Ravine — Megan & Brendon (MF); Sam, Christian (TTh)
Sundown Towns — Melanie & Victoria (MF); Dylan, Kim (TTh)
Gated Communities — Alex L. (MF); Annette, Celina (TTh)
Model Cities — Ben (MF); Luisa, Victoria, Sophie (TTh)
Benign Neglect — Karl (MF); Phil, Reuben (TTh)
Planned Shrinkage — Maddie (MF); Helen, Sarah R. (TTh)
Bronx Fires — Alex N. (MF); Rebecca, Keaton (TTh)
Team Four Plan — Zach, Caitlin (MF); Zach, Sarah H. (TTh)
Yale: Undercrowding & the American City — Will (MF); Chris, Jason (TTh)


Thursday 11 October 2012 / Friday 12 October 2012

Arts & Crafts Movement — Maddie (MF); Sophie (TTh)
Ebenezer Howard’s Letchworth & Welwyn Villages — Will (MF); Zach, Dylan (TTh)
Sears Homes — Melanie (MF); Annette, Reuben (TTh)
Greenfield Village — Karl (MF); Rebecca, Cristina (TTh)
Regional Planning Association of America’s Sunnyside Gardens — Brendon (MF); Sarah H. (TTh)
Regional Planning Association of America’s Radburn — Victoria (MF); Sarah H. (TTh)
Frank Lloyd Wright’s Broadacre City — Shannon (MF); Victoria, Luisa (TTh)
Greenbelt Towns — Caitlin (MF); Kim, Ben (TTh)
Atchison Village, CA — Alex N (MF); Sam (TTh)
Vanport, OR — Megan (MF); Keaton, Jason (TTh)
Park Forest, IL — Alex L. (MF); Christian (TTh)
Lustron Homes — Mary (MF); Chris (TTh)
Levittowns — Zach (MF); Phil, Celina (TTh)
Frank Lloyd Wright’s The Living City — Ben (MF); Helen, Sarah R. (TTh)


Community Involvement

You can download the list of contact names and the corresponding students’ names who signed up in class to work with them by clicking here.


At the first class, Bob asked each student to investigate these two topics:

  • St. Louis Divorce of 1976
  • Millcreek Valley